My name is Ainhoa I grew up on a Mediterranean island called Menorca. This little heaven is surrounded by beaches, beautiful and peaceful nature. My aim is to bring a piece of this peaceful place into your life through my work.

Personal development, spiritual and physical therapy together with energy work has always fascinated me, and I am always learning and growing in his field.

I have trained as a professional massage therapist, Universal Healing Tao (UHT) instructor, yoga & meditation teacher in many places of the world, such a Thailand, India and Berlin. There I learned methods to promote personal growth through different massage techniques, body therapy and meditation.

I love interacting with people and supporting them to feel good physically and mentally. Being a massage therapist is my calling, as I can transmit intensity, love, passion and sensitivity through this work.

Today we live in a world dominated by too much stress, anxiety and fear. My life’s purpose is to reduce these factors through bodywork and meditation.

That is why underlying intention in my massages always is: Good Chi, Good Heart and Good Intentions.

With my massage technique, I help you in dissolving blockages in order you can go freely through life. It is my pure intention for you so feel better, relaxes and more comfortable in your own skin as you will feel lighter.

For me, giving a massage means treating the other person with respect, love, compassion and trust. In a meditative atmosphere, through benevolent intention and touch guided by intuition-your mind and body will be brought into harmony and connected to here and now.

These are the aspects which make my massages so special and unique:

“Intention, intensity, breath, rhythm and intuition”.




Tao Training  (Associate Instructor, UHT)


The Six healing sounds of the organs

The Inner Smile

Tao Yoga, Chi Kung & Meditation Exercises

The five Elements

Microcosmic Orbit – Tao Yoga

Master Mantak Chia

Universal Healing Tao Germany

Chi Nei Tsang I-II -III Massage

Karsai Nei Tsang

CNT I Practitioner – Organ Detox

Tok Sen

Master Mantak Chia

Universal Healing Tao Germany

 Yin Yoga & 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine Teacher Training

Alliance Yoga 100 Hours

Koh Phangan – Thailand

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) Kusum Modak Technique

Professional Training (Ibiza)

Advance Thai Massage: Breath, Sensing, Flow and Intuition

Teacher: Bob Haddad (Thai Healing-Arts)

Register Thai Healing Alliance International


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Training: Sunshine School Chiang Mai – Thailand

Teachers: Sathitrat Chaiket und Dot Po

Teacher: Suriyan Punyafoo

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Thai Healing Alliance International

Ching Mai – Thailand

Cosmic Healing

Awaken your inner alchemy

Healing through the powers of heaven and earth

Universal Healing Tao Germany

Master Mantak Chia

Universal Healing Tao Germany

Active Pain – Self Therapy

Teacher: Hong Thay Lee

Practical tips for symptoms of sitting in the office and permanent sitting

Seminar: Yin & Yang Meridians






Lomi Practitioner Training

Lomi akademie und Aloha Anja



Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

Yog Peeth Yoga & Meditation TTC

Registered Yoga School 200 RYS

Rishikesh – India


“When you are aware of your breathing, you leave the past behind, you don’t care about the future, you get here and now. The mind returns to the body, and you are in the present moment. You’re alive”.