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I’m glad that you are visiting my website. I would like to explain the importance of traditional massages, especially nowadays, when we need it the most to create balance in our busy lives.

Massage is a tool through which body, mind and soul are connected in the deepest sense. During a massage we get in touch with ourselves, and we have the opportunity to experience a state of balance, well-being, relaxation and harmony. For the duration of it, we allow the body to release unnecessary burdens and reach an optimal state of rest.

Several benefits that a massage can bring to our body, are functional improvements of the lymphatic system, the immune system, the nervous system and the circulatory system. Increasing blood circulation (Chi, where energy flows), improving flexibility, relaxing muscles, as well as helping to eliminate toxins from the system and regenerating body cells.

However, the positive effects of a massage go way beyond the physical level – it also supports our inner balance and our emotions. Conscious bodywork reduces the concentration of stress hormones, reduces fatigue, anxiety, sadness and depressive moods amongst other things.

Holistic massage can promote self-awareness, mental clarity and release endorphins as well. Even blocked emotions, that have become lodged in our tissues, can be released through an intense massage.

My massage is meditative in nature, because of the special attention I give to the breath.

What it makes it so special is the:

“Intention, intensity, breathing, rhythm and intuition”.

I would be happy to offer you my massages, and I am looking forward to meeting you.

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Ainhoa knows how to touch the body in a wonderful way, both intensely and with a lot of attention. She is always very present. Thank you for this very special massage, which has deeply relaxed me. I can only encourage everyone to get a massage from Ainhoa.
Last night I went to Ainhoa for a Lomi Lomi massage for the first time. After the massage I felt fine, but even better the next morning. My body feels totally relaxed and at ease now. Also, I always have had tension in my neck...this also disappeared, although I didn't even tell her about it. The stress that accumulated in the body is somehow gone. I will definitely be back. Just fantastic.
An indescribable feeling of happiness filled me after the massage. I felt completely at peace with myself. The different massage techniques are impressive, professional and have a long-lasting effect. Highly recommended.
The studio has a very nice atmosphere. I felt very comfortable there. Ainhoa knows how to respond very well to individula needs during the massage. With great empathy, she touches exactly the right areas of the body. After the massage I felt like I was floating on a cloud. That´s why I am happy to give her stars and have already recommended Ainhoa to my friends.
Super great massage service and offers. Very professional, very friendly and highly recommended.
Love going to Ainhoa! Whenever I'm in town visiting Berlin. I'll make sure to visit her! You can tell she really has a passion for her work. When getting a massage, she breathes WITH you, which keeps you on track and focused to breathe deeply and feel the depth of her massages. Feels extremely meditative. If you can, try to go for more than 60 minutes! She is great and the place is so relaxing! Repeat customer!
Ainhoa´s massages are amazing - especially the CNT (Chi Nei Tsang - Belly Massage). Her CNT is not just a massage, it’s a journey to peace. She works with method, care, intensity and empathy. Her Belly massage gives much to the recipient, and the recipient is only asked to breathe in a certain way - very easy to put into practice since the first treatment. The massage is gentle, it awakens so much energy and carries it throughout the whole body. During the massage, you can go through different emotional and energetic states - at times, energy and blood travel so fast that the body vibrates and pulsates. At other times, mind and nerves are so a relaxed that you fall into deep meditation. I've always felt strong benefits, such as joy, relax, a clearer mind and a new special energy - spiritual, emotional, vital and creative. The best way to get rid of toxins and recharge completely. If everyone did Chi Nei Tsang regularly, the world would be a better place.


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