The very traditional and at yet revolutionary Taoist massage of the abdominal organs is commonly known as Chi Nei Tsang (“Chi” meaning energy and “Nei Tsang” meaning internal organs; the acronym therefore being CNT). This massage technique derives from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Abdominal massage helps dissolve physical and mental blockages. In order to do so, it works with the energies, the information of the organs and the associated emotions, which can then find an outlet and come into balance.

CNT (Chi Nei Tsang) is a method of self-healing that works through a gentle and direct massage of the internal organs of emotional burdens and accumulated stress.

Both ancient Taoist and modem scientists agree that the abdominal area is comparable to a “second brain” in our body. Especially, the area around the navel corresponds to the energy center of the body that is located at 1.5 cun (about two fingers below the navel). This is where the main source of vitality in our body resides, also known as Tan Tien – “Sea of energy”.

The Chi Nei Tsang massage and the detoxification of organs is an ancient Chinese technique of abdominal massage that targets the internal organs directly. During the treatment, almost the entire body is a massaged, but the focus lies above all on the abdomen and the thorax area, as this is where the most important organs are located. Imbalances are corrected so that the organs and other bodily systems such as the meridians (chi channels), digestion, respiration, the reproductive and urinary system, as well as the lymphatic and endocrine system can come into harmony and balance with our own nature.ç

This therapeutic massage can have a healing effect both physically and emotionally. Taoists emphasize that the organs store emotions. Not only positive but also negative ones.

To give you some examples:

Positive emotions of the heart can be: joy, love and happiness; negative ones can be : hate, arrogance and impatience.

Positive emotions of the liver can be: loving kindness and conciliation;the negative Chi is expressed through: anger, rage and frustration.

The Taoist abdominal massage can also relax the abdominal muscles and allow the release of pent-up gases. Relaxation of the abdomen helps, amongst other things, with abdominal pain, digestive problems, constipation, lumbago, emotions tensions, stress, depression and respiratory problems, whenever these are caused by tense abdominal muscles. The massage stimulates nerve connections in the intestines and the same time it stimulates the blood circulation, eliminating toxins, as well as helping to dissolve possible negative emotions that affect the recipient’s physical and psychological health.

This massage is part of the healing techniques of the Universal Tao system (Universal Healing Tao) a foundation created by Master Mantak Chia, one of the most important and renowned international Taoist masters of today. I was trained to be a Tao instructor (UHT) and Chi Nei Tsang practitioner within the Universal Healing Tao system.

What is Tao?

Tao include science, nature science, anatomy, physiology and astrology. The world Tao means the primary of creation. The entire world is made up of energy.

Tao is not a religion, but rather it examines the organs and the internal system of the body and how humans and nature are connected to one another.

It is the knowledge of “inner alchemy”, meaning that our body has natural energy and it can heal itself. The central nervous system is an important motor of the organism.

The healing Tao (Universal Healing Tao) is a self-help system to prevent diseases, stress and at best positively influence one’s life in all aspects.


  • Facilitates detoxification of the body and regulates the lymphatic system
  • Gently corrects the position of internal organs and stimulates the blood circulation
  • Stimulates the digestive system
  • May alleviate chronic back pain and lower back problems
  • Support the psoas muscle -the “muscle of the soul”
  • Negative emotions can be released as energetic blockages are dissolved (emotions can be “digested” and processed properly)
  • Reduces depression, stress and exhaustion
  • Improves breathing and body awareness
  • May alleviate digestive difficulties
  • Helps to relax the nervous system