Body Massage

  • 90 min 120€
  • 120 min 160€

Taoist Abdominal massage - Chi Nei Tsang - CNT Massage

  • 90 min ( 2 Hour Session ) 140€
  • 120 min ( 2,5 Hour Session ) 180€

Lomi Lomi Massage

  • 90 min 120€
  • 120 min 160€

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

  • 90 min 120€
  • 120 min 160€

In addition, the massage, the sessions include: a brief talk before and a 5-minute rest period ath the end of the massage, to allow the body to integrate the new information.

CNT Massage 90 min  / 120 min Massage + approx. 30 min talk and rest period.



During the entire massage the intimate area remains covered and is not touched. At the end each massage you will receive a gentle cleansing, so you can continue your day fresh and renewed.

If you have a chronic illness or are taking medication, please talk to your doctor first and inform me about this. In case, it may not be possible to use a certain body treatment method, or it may have to be modified.

I would like to point out that the body needs at least thirty minutes to fully relax and five minutes of rest at the end of the massage in order to complete the relaxation process, so that the body and mind can absorb the new information.

According to my own experience and the teachings of my instructors, in order to get a good benefit from it and a long -lasting effect, a massage session should take more than one hour, since the body needs at least thirty minutes to relax. Therefore, one hour of massage cannot be properly deepened or compared to the effect and result of a ninety-minute session, hence I only offer massages from 90 minutes onward.


Special offers:

  • Short massage: 1 hour for 80 € (intensive back massage)

    *Pack 5 CNT - Belly massage x 90 min = 650€

    * Pack is paid in advance and are valid for one year. Once payment has been made, no refund is possible.

Package offers:

% Save
  • Pack 3x90: 3 Massagen x 90 min = 345 €
  • Pack 3x120: 3 Massagen x 120 min = 465 €
  • Pack 5x90: 5 Massagen x 90 min = 550 €
  • Pack 5x120: 5 Massagen x 120 min = 750 €

 Other discounts, promotions or special offers cannot be combined and to not apply.

Massage Gift Voucher:

Give the gift of relaxation and wellness.

Would you like to gift someone a massage voucher? Please fill out the contact form and I will send you the invoice by e-mail, once payment is made I will send you the voucher via email in PDF format or by post

Appointment cancellation:

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please make sure to cancel it as soon as possible. In case of cancellation within 24 hours prior to the appointment, a charge of 50 € will be made